It was some time between my legs giving up and the jazzercise instructor asking a very
obvious rhetorical question concerning fun,that I realised I had stumbled upon the well
trodden path of the pursuit of beauty.

In between the uphill battle to look good, feel good and be good, life has become one
constant pain in the arse. How I have only just come to realise this I don’t know.
Probably because I’ve been so blinded by the goal and so mesmerised by the rewards
that I forgot to check the race that I was in. Considering that of 22 years of age I have
remarkably (so far) avoided the rat race, how I could so willingly enter the trivial
pursuit of beauty with my genetic makeup and embarrising lack of concentration is as
bewildering as the race itself.

So this zine is a dedication to the pursuit of beauty.
May it one day become a dead end backstreet to the more important things in life*.

*which we will also cover.