In between waking and sleeping I’m probably not as busy a I  should be –  so my grandmother tells me. Except she chooses to use the word “lazy”. Whatever. At least I’m reading which is more than I can say for half my generation.

Duke Magazine

I tried really hard when I was writing this post to be as witty and fiery as the all-guns-blazing Sydney kids behind the fashion bent DUKE magazine – to no avail. So I re-read their entire magazine and pondered on their well argued attacks on Green Recycle Bags as fashion, Tsubi ruining op-shopping for everyone and an exclusive look at some woman who collects crap to add to the junk yard that can be found within her home. 

This is hard hitting journalism at its best.

Issue Two out now.


I’m a big Law and Order fan from way back. When I heard Jerry Orbach had died of prostate cancer back in 2004, I could have cried. As the quick witted Senior Detective Lennie Briscoe on the longest running crime series of all time, Briscoe talked the talk, walked the walk and was the man to know when your cousin was found floating face down in the harbour.  Together with such award-winning actors as Chris North, Sam Waterson and S. Epatha Merkerson they fought long and hard to keep the streets of NYC respectable. Funny though, how none of the characters were actually able to pinpoint that ‘doung doung’ sound at the beginning of every episode.

Season 18 airs this week (U.S only)

Tales of a Vagabond.

After travelling all around the world last year (I sound like a wanker – I know) I came home more determined than ever to explore my own backyard. After discovering mouldy planter pots and old beer bottle caps I upped my exploratory desires to the Nullarbor. Officially it’s a really long road trip especially if you’re driving from Sydney. Un-officially, it’s a lot of fun especially if you happen to spot some eagles, camels or even the Nullarbor Nymph. With summer on its way and the smell of burning sausages so close, I thought now was the perfect time to reminisce, especially since I’m so broke I won’t be going ANYWHERE. Except maybe my dodgy backyard.

Jenny and I were never in Kansas.

The tangible Pursuit of Beauty zine is well on its way with my co-pilot Jane Abma taking the reins as Head of Design. Expect everything you always wanted for Christmas – but never got. It will be in our eyes….. breathtaking.


3 Responses to “Issue One: Let the fun begin.”

  1. Jerry Orbach… is he the one that got replaced by Det. Nina Cassidy? I’m a big fan of Law and Order but I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the history.

  2. Nat said

    Awesome concept, can’t wait for the next issue! Bring it on. Meanwhile, I too am a super-huge Law & Order fan, mainly SVU and the one with that Goren dude. Ice T just plain sucks. As do shows like CSI (how seriously annoying is that orange-haired dude? He drives me to insanity with his ridiculous one-liners and attempt at a gravelly voice) and NCIS. Law & Order wannabes, clearly!

  3. katemartine said

    Yeah Jerry Orbach is the man….. (well after Christopher Walken). I don’t know when Det Nina Cassidy came on, but she didn’t replace the Jerry.

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