God only knows where time goes. It is now September, I have turned 23, graduated and still am working my arse to get into copywriting. Issue One has come and gone in the form of a deadline only. It’ll be out in a fortnight. Jane decided to get evicted and I realised I was going to the football this weekend – Go Manly! – so we’ve put it back two weeks. It has also evolved slightly. Yes, Judy Garland will still be the focus, but behind her will be some other pretty amazing people including myself and Jane, naturally.

In the meantime, here’s a magazine everyone should buy.

Acne Paper

By their own accord, ACNE PAPER is an eclectic yet coherent mix of portrait, fashion and art photography as well as interviews, memoirs and prose that aims to unite artistic minds of all generations. In my mind, it is one of the most beautifully understated, culturally perceptive magazines currently gracing the newspaper stand. At 40x30cms this Swedish magazine moves beyond the conventional pop culture mags ridden with advertising to produce issues that relay artistic expression and a sense of creativity that smells as fresh as a spring lawn.

Apple attacks the letter i, again.

Ah man, I couldn’t resist writing a post on what has got to be the best (rumoured) example of marketing out there. The creation of the iCar by Apple and VW. What’s different about it? Probably nothing. But it will have the letter i in front of it and will need battery replacement every 6 months (not included in warranty naturally). Brace yourselves everybody.

Apple VW iCar.

Summer Lovin’ Tunes

Kate Nash is doing the rounds as the new Lily Allen albeit with more control of an eyeliner pencil. But I think she’s much better than that. Telling tales of modern English life to rival Mike Skinner, she’s got a lovely witty sense of humour and is self deprecating without sounding like she hates the sight of herself. Over rollicking piano and guitar she sings about her Jane Austen desires and I gotta say, it’s a real English treat.

Finally, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to summer (no pun intended). I’ve missed you.


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